How can SOBRO’s team bring your visions to life with high-end technology for 3D imaging, modeling, and precise surveying services?

At SOBROscan, we passionately harness high-end technology to realize your visions. Our expertise spans 3D high-definition imaging, modeling, and total station surveying, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of industry leaders like Leica. Our commitment to excellence, paired with state-of-the-art equipment, ensures we deliver results with unparalleled precision and detail. From capturing intricate dimensions to crafting immersive 3D models, our services push the boundaries of possibility. Trust us to breathe life into your concepts, using Leica and Hilti technologies to provide an unmatched 3D imaging, modeling, and surveying experience. Explore the limitless potential of our services and let us transform your vision into reality

3D Laser Scanning

Experience immersive spaces through our cutting-edge 3D Virtual Tour service. Utilizing advanced technology, we craft captivating virtual environments that transport you into a new realm of exploration. Seamlessly navigate residential and commercial properties, gaining a comprehensive understanding of layout and design. Elevate property visualization, engage clients, and make informed decisions with our state-of-the-art 3D Virtual Tour service.

Our Scan to BIM service transforms real-world structures into detailed Building Information Models (BIM). We utilize advanced 3D laser scanning technology to capture precise data from existing buildings, infrastructure, and facilities. This data is then meticulously processed to create comprehensive and accurate BIM models, offering invaluable insights for design, renovation, and maintenance projects. Explore the future of construction with our Scan to BIM service, where precision meets innovation.

Experience precise site layouts with our specialized services. Using the cutting-edge Leica P50 laser scanner, we capture highly accurate point cloud data of construction sites. Our skilled team then processes and analyzes this data using advanced software tools, ensuring meticulous planning and execution. Partner with us for a seamless and efficient construction project.

Elevate the effectiveness of industrial, agricultural, and construction landscaping endeavors with our specialized Quantity Surveying services. Our meticulous approach allows us to finely tune costs and resource allocation, resulting in superior project outcomes. Harness the power of our expertise to ensure your project is not just successful but also cost-efficient. Let us be your partner in optimizing your project’s financial and resource aspects. Uncover the difference our precision can make—explore our offerings today.

Delve into the concealed realms beneath the earth’s surface with our cutting-edge underground scanning service. We specialize in unveiling the hidden depths, providing you with invaluable insights that empower informed decision-making. Whether it’s for construction, environmental analysis, or archaeological exploration, our technology penetrates the subterranean world with precision and clarity. Discover what lies beneath and tap into a wealth of knowledge for a wide range of applications. Explore the subterranean frontier today.

GPR and Concrete Scanning

Our scanning division provides services to contractors in various fields such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC, demolition, and general contractors. When Sobroscan arrives at your job site, you can expect a knowledgeable technician who will take multiple factors into consideration while marking/clearing areas for your company’s sawing and/or drilling needs.

Concrete Scanning

It is crucial to identify any potential dangers. Concrete scanning is excellent at locating objects like rebar, post tension cables, and metal pipes. Meeting project deadlines on budget is important and concrete scanning will help you achieve those goals.

we offer advanced GPR and concrete scanning services using the Hilti PS 1000-B X-Scan Concrete scanner. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced technicians provide accurate identification of objects within concrete structures, ensuring safety and efficient project planning. Contact us today for reliable subsurface insights.

Utility Locating

SobroScan offers advanced GPR technology for identifying buried utilities and underground structures. Our services cover a wide range of applications, including gas lines, electrical lines, water mains, fiber optical cables, telecommunications infrastructure, and more. We ensure safety and provide a complete evaluation of the site before any work begins. Partnered with a trusted local partner, we offer comprehensive GPR services to meet all your utility identification needs