Utility Scanning and Locating

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Discover what lies beneath the surface with our GPR and Concrete Scanning service.

Ready to reveal the hidden mysteries underground?

How can SOBRO’s team bring your visions to life with GPR and Concrete Scanning service.?

Experience the power of advanced scanning technology in our GPR and Concrete Scanning service. Our top-tier Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment enables non-invasive investigation of subsurface structures, pinpointing utilities, voids, and potential hazards with precision. Paired with cutting-edge software, we convert intricate data into actionable insights, enhancing safety and efficiency in construction and renovation projects. Count on us to provide transparency and accuracy in your subsurface assessments with our GPR and concrete scanning solutions

(GPR) and Concrete Scanning

It is crucial to identify any potential dangers. Concrete scanning is excellent at locating objects like rebar, post-tension cables, and metal pipes. Meeting project deadlines on budget is important and concrete scanning will help you achieve those goals.

we offer advanced GPR and concrete scanning services using the Hilti PS 1000-B X-Scan Concrete scanner. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced technicians provide accurate identification of objects within concrete structures, ensuring safety and efficient project planning. Contact us today for reliable subsurface insights.

Underground Utility Locating

SobroScan offers advanced GPR technology for identifying buried utilities and underground structures. Our services cover a wide range of applications, including gas lines, electrical lines, water mains, fiber optical cables, telecommunications infrastructure, and more. We ensure safety and provide a complete evaluation of the site before any work begins. Partnered with a trusted local partner, we offer comprehensive GPR services to meet all your utility identification needs